Immune System Combo!

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Stay healthy, stay safe. And take care of your body with this amazing combo we have in stock!


Make sure you and your family stay healthy by keeping your immune system strong with the following combination:

Artemesia Afra or commonly known as Wilde Als (the plant that is wild and works for
everything). Assists with respiratory problems such as bronchitis, croup, whooping cough,
colds & flu and chest infections. Expels viruses, intestinal worms & parasites from the body. it
also aids in the treatment and prevention of bilharzia and malaria. Acts as an anti-
inflammatory, anti-septic and anti-depressant.

Astragalus has many health benefits, including immune boosting, anti-ageing, and anti-
inflammatory effects. It is believed to treat a wide variety of ailments such as the common
cold, flu, fatigue, allergies. It is also used against heart disease, diabetes and other
conditions. It is an immune booster, aids adrenal gland function and increases energy and

Liposimol Vitamin C
Boosts the immune system, keeping you feeling stronger and helps you to fight
off diseases.
Combats viral infections easily and efficiently absorbed, can be taken several times a day
It Is transported directly to the cells not through the digestive tract
Hand & surface Sanitizer!

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  1. Damian Lopes

    Great products. Thank you!

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