Topical Pain Spray


This combination of Rue, Cannabis and various other herbs works wonders for pain, sprains, skin inflammation and gout. Simply spray on the affected area and wait for almost instant relief.



Ruta Graveolens, also known as rue, is a species of Ruta. It is not only an ornamental plant, but also a medicinal herb. Native to the Balkans, but now grown worldwide. Ruta Graveolens was held in high esteem by ancient Greeks and Romans. The plant is well known for the treatment of various disorders and contains more than 120 natural compounds. These include acridone alkaloids and coumarins, essential oils, flavonoides and also fluoroquinolones. Medicinal uses include the treatment of inflammatory conditions and menstrual disorders. It is also very effective for sprains and varicose veins.

Ingredients: Medicinal alcohol, Ruta Graveolens

Directions: Spray on the affected area twice daily or as required. Not to be taken orally.

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