Yellowdock & Burdock


Used in cancer treatments to cleanse the blood, skin problems.

This combination acts as a blood cleanser, builder and purifier. It is high in vitamin C and iron. It helps with skin disorder and relieves gout and menopausal symptoms. It also acts as an antioxidant. May help to protect against cancer by helping control cell mutation. Aids elimination of excess fluid, uric acid and toxins. It also has antibacterial and antifungal properties.

50ml Tincture

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The plant produces an inflorescence or flower stalk that grows to about 1 m high. It has smooth leaves shooting off from a large basal rosette, with distinctive waved or curled edges. On the stalk flowers and seeds are produced in clusters on branched stems, with the largest cluster being found at the apex. The seeds are shiny, brown and encased in the calyx of the flower that produced them. This casing enables the seeds to float on water and get caught in wool and animal fur, and this helps the seeds to spread to new locations. The root-structure is a large, yellow, forking taproot.

Rumex crispus has a number of subspecies with distinctive habitat preferences. Rumex crispus ssp. crispus occurs on waste and cultivated ground. Rumex crispus ssp. littoreus has a coastal distribution, and Rumex crispus ssp. uliginosus occurs on tidal estuarine mud. The species hybridizes readily with other Rumex species including Rumex obtusifolius, Rumex obovatus, Rumex palustris and Rumex maritimus.

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